The Flamboyant and Unforgettable Hair Bands of the 80s

The 1980s was a decade of excess and decadence, and nowhere was this more evident than in the hair bands that dominated the rock and metal music scene. Hair bands, also known as "glam metal" or "pop metal," were characterized by their flamboyant stage presence, tight leather pants, high-pitched vocals, and of course, their huge, teased-out hairstyles. These bands brought a sense of showmanship and spectacle to rock music, and their music and image still hold a place in the hearts of fans of the genre.

image : wikimedia commons

One of the defining hair bands of the 1980s was Mötley Crüe, a group that blended elements of punk, heavy metal, and sleaze to create a unique sound. The band was known for its raunchy lyrics, hard-hitting guitar riffs, and over-the-top stage shows. Mötley Crüe's iconic look, which included leather, chains, and studded belts, helped to set the standard for hair bands of the decade.

Another hair band that rose to prominence in the 1980s was Bon Jovi. The band's upbeat, catchy pop-metal sound, combined with its theatrical live performances, made them one of the biggest bands of the decade. Bon Jovi's image was all about looking cool and stylish, with the band members often sporting leather jackets, tight jeans, and big hair. Bon Jovi's songs, such as "Livin' on a Prayer" and "Wanted Dead or Alive," are still staple tracks at classic rock radio stations today.

Hair bands were not just about the music, however. They also had a distinctive visual style, which included elaborately styled hair, heavy make-up, and eye-catching stage costumes. The hairstyles of the hair bands were often as iconic as the bands themselves, with voluminous locks and bold spikes being the norm. The hair was often teased and sprayed with massive amounts of hairspray, creating an almost sculptural effect. This visual style helped to create an overall look that was larger than life, and added to the theatricality of the bands' performances.

The influence of hair bands can still be seen in the music of today. Many modern metal and hard rock bands cite hair bands as an influence, and their music and style continue to inspire new generations of fans. Hair bands may have been a product of their time, but their impact on the music world has been lasting.

However, as the decade progressed, the popularity of hair bands began to wane. By the late 1980s, the genre was starting to be seen as dated and over-the-top, and the rise of alternative and grunge music began to push hair bands out of the spotlight. Despite this, many of the hair bands of the 1980s continue to tour and release new music, and their music and style remain popular with fans of the genre.

In conclusion, the hair bands of the 1980s were an integral part of the music and culture of the decade. With their elaborate hairstyles, tight leather pants, and high-energy live shows, they brought a sense of spectacle and showmanship to rock music. Their music and image still hold a special place in the hearts of fans, and their influence can still be seen in the music of today. Whether you love them or hate them, the hair bands of the 1980s will always be remembered as a uniquely flamboyant and unforgettable part of rock and metal history.